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Deliciously refreshing and heart-warming. 528 creates a complete range of premium ice products for the ultimate cocktail experience. Crystal clear, perfectly shaped ice balls, cubes, and nuggets that don’t clump together in packaging, melt slowly in the glass, and create a pure indulgence for all your senses. 528, the premium brand for the hospitality industry, also available for consumers.

Ice Nuggets

Shot glasses

Specials - tailored


For your next cocktail or refreshment on a hot day? 528 develops premium ice balls, cubes, ice nuggets, and shot glasses. Top quality, as they are produced with the most advanced ice machines. Crystal clear, so you barely notice them - just a subtle hint at its perfectly polished geometric shapes. And rock-solid, since they are manufactured under high pressure. That way, they maintain their elegant shape and melt slowly in your glass.


The water used to create the 528 ice products is no ordinary water. Before it is chilled, it is fi ltered and purifi ed - purged of excess calcium, germs, unpleasant odours and tastes. The result? Delicious water that elevates every cocktail to a higher level.


Next, the water is revitalized, so it sparkles like the purest mountain stream. And fi nally, it enters a barrel where Lila Love does her magic. By playing music at a frequency of 528 Hz, she infuses the water with love.

Focus on sustainability

The production of our ice products runs over a completely closed circuit. No drop of water is lost in the process. We recover all the wastewater and reuse it after an intense purification and water treatment in the next cycle. The production is also 100% powered by green energy. The 700 solar panels on our roof provide 10% of the energy. The remaining 90% comes from green electricity generated from renewable sources.


528 is IFS Food higher level certified. When it comes to food safety, our production facilities and processes adhere to the strictest requirements.

Fully automated packaging system

We possess a dynamic, fully automated packaging system that can be utilised across various production lines. A new, state-of-the art installation that is allowing us to offer a wide range of possibilities in packaging.

We produce


Chill out with love, served on the rocks. And let the 528 magic work its wonders: premium ice products that refresh your senses and make your heart glow. Your heart? Absolutely, thanks to Lila Love, 528’s Love Director and Life Enthusiast. She infuses all ice products with the secret power of 528 Hz, aka the love frequency. So, fill your glass, freshen up, and feel your heart, once more, overflowing with a whole lotta love.