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Let’s work together


Are you a distributor, retailer, or (international) agent looking for a manufacturer of premium ice products? Do you wish to expand your portfolio or range with a new, promising product? Become a partner of 528. We off er you a complete range of high-quality ice products for the ultimate cocktail experience: ice balls, ice cubes, ice nuggets, shot glasses and tailored ice solutions. Distribute our 528 premium ice products or let us produce private label for you. All our products are manufactured using top-of-the-line Japanese equipment and premium filtered water.

Why collaborate with 528?

  • Extensive production facilities: 528 is located in Belgium and has brand-new, state-of-the-art production facilities covering 4500 m².
  • Everything in-house: From water treatment to packaging, we handle everything ourselves and do not depend on external producers.
  • Flexibility: Because we do everything ourselves, we can quickly respond to your inquiries or your customers’ needs.
  • Sustainable production: We manufacture ice products within a fully closed circuit. This means not a drop of wastewater is lost. Additionally, we generate a significant portion of our energy needs through our solarpanel park. The remaining energy comes from 100% renewable sources.
  • Competitive pricing: Equipped with the latest equipment and handling everything in-house allows us to off er you a highly competitive price.
  • 528 brand or private label: You can distribute our premium brand (528 Love Spreading Premium Ice Products). Or we produce ice products that you sell under your brand name.
  • 528 commits itself to donate part of its profits to its own charities, by purchasing our products we commit ourselves to personally set up the much needed helping hands in places where they need us the most, follow our channels to see the love stories growing.
  • At 528 only details lead to perfection but perfection is not a detail …

We don't sell cocktails
— we sell iced love.

Let's break the ice
Let's meet!

Let’s talk in complete transparency, starting with your wishes and target prices. Based on your needs, we create a proposal that benefits everyone. This way, we establish a stable foundation for a sustainable and long-lasting partnership. Let’s get to know each other.