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Love Director & Life Enthusiast



Nice to meet you, I'm Lila Love. Love Director and Life enthusiast at 528. Wondering what I'm up to? Join me in my Love Lab, a perfectly sculpted dome made of the most transparent ice on earth - much like a giant igloo.

Here you see me wandering around, dressed in my lilac lab dress, leather boots and bright red lips. The perfect outfit to pursue my mission of spreading love and inspiring the joy of living. Love in all possible forms and guises: love for yourself, for another person, a community, nature, animals, special objects, and, last but not least, for the miracle of life here on earth.

The Movies

How we find the
Very Right Frequency: 528

Be careful not to trip over my distillation flasks, pipettes, and microscopes. What are they for? To figure out the secret power of water and transform it through various filtrations and incantations into a powerful elixir of life that serves as the basis for the 528-ice. And that shelf over there with all those vials, plants, herbs, and colourful bottles? That’s a little side project of mine. You know, I absolutely adore apéro time (mostly starting at 5:28 PM), that time of day when people get together, loosen up and become more receptive - the perfect moment to sprinkle them with love. But hey, I also happen to love the taste of a great cocktail. The thing is, I’m quite the experimental type and like to discover new flavours. That’s why I use all this chemical gear to craft cocktails. Cocktails with a special touch, though, because they’re all love-enhancing. I don’t keep the best recipes for myself, though, but transmit them through my love antenna to cocktail makers around the world, so everyone can enjoy them.

And when I briefly have enough of all this chemical wizardry? Then I walk over to my hyper-sophisticated DJ set and start designing the ultimate love soundtrack. A sophisticated mix of binaural beats mixed with the 528 Hz frequency at the right tone to enchant the 528 ice. Curious as to how that works? After filtering and before cooling, the water enters a giant barrel.

There, through underwater speakers, I expose the water to that special love sound being played at the 528 Hz frequency. This love frequency transfers to the water, crystallizes in the ice, and eventually releases its magical power in the cocktail glass. Unaware of its origin, the drinker immediately feels a wave of love wash over him or her.

I adore hanging around in my love lab, but I also like travelling the world to spread love, enthuse people, and bear witness to remarkable love stories. At least once a year, I return to my homeland, far away from here, in the mythical land of ice. There, so the legend goes, I was born on a midsummer night. When the sun was at its highest, and the whole village was gathered around the maypole to celebrate life and the magic of love, I saw the light of life and took my very first breath. I didn’t scream, however, but hummed joyfully, most likely at the 528 Hz frequency, because immediately, a wave of love engulfed all bystanders. My father was a brilliant cool ice artist, known for his ice-blue eyes, while my mother was a mysterious and passionate mixologist, famed for her fire-red lips. That’s why they gave me the name Lila. Or better, Lila Love. Spreader of love. And bringer of joie de vivre.