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The start of everything


It all started in 2015. As a distributor of Hoshizaki ice machines, Thibaud Bekaert regularly got requests from customers to manufacture ice balls for them. At first, he held off. But the call - his destiny? - became too strong. And so he decided to set up his own ice production facility. First at his home, in his garage. But as demand grew, he converted a vacant textile company nearby into a bigger production unit.

Around the same time, Thibaud and his wife experienced a personal tragedy. By comparison, crafting ice balls for customers seemed trivial back then. But yet they carried on and gladly so, because the work had a healing effect on them. It gave meaning to their life and an incentive to move on.

The grief he had to deal with made Thibaud think about his life and what he wanted to contribute to this world. Doing business purely for the sake of doing business was not the answer, he concluded. He wanted to help people. Open their eyes and inspire them to get more out of themselves and their lives. And yes, it may sound corny, but no less sincere: he wanted to spread love into the world. By founding the JackandJane Foundation, for instance, and supporting organizations that help children in difficult circumstances. But he also sought and found a way to spread love through his ice products. How? By revitalising the ice and infusing it with the 528 Hz frequency, also known as the love frequency. So every time a user drinks a cocktail chilled with ice, he or she experiences the positive, love-enhancing effect of the 528 Hz frequency.

2022 was a new milestone for Thibaud and 528. Edouard Pauwels crossed his path. A like-minded entrepreneurial soul, sharing the same values and zest for life, and just as keen on spreading the love message. The two decided to join forces and make plans to grow 528 into a global love-spreading ice company.


From water treatment to packaging: ice balls, ice cubes and ice nuggets are produced right here on site (Waregem, Belgium), in our brand new 5.000 m² production facilities.

Why does 528 opt for in-house production?

  • To respond more swiftly to your inquiries. After all, taking full control of the entire process allows us to eliminate reliance on external producers.
  • To maintain oversight of the hygienic conditions in which the ice is produced.
  • To supervise the sustainability of the production processes.

Quality and a competitive price

But that’s not all. By using our own ice machines and maintaining complete control over the production process, you’re guaranteed top-notch quality. Imagine crystal-clear, perfectly formed, robust ice products. Dry-frozen, preventing them from sticking together in the packaging. And slow-melting in the glass, ensuring the user enjoys their lovingly crafted cocktail even longer. Lastly, by self-producing everything in cutting-edge production facilities, we can keep costs low and offer you an exceptionally competitive price.



The company was founded in 2015, the year when he started producing the ice balls.


In 2019 verhuisden we naar onze nieuwe gebouwen. De productiefaciliteiten werden opgericht, waardoor ze gloednieuw zijn.

5000 M²

Currently, we have 3,500 m² of our own production facilities. An additional 1,500 m² is added in 2024.

> 100 tons/day

We produce around 100 tons of ice per day, including 20 to 25 tons of ice balls, 15 tons of ice nuggets, and 70 tons of ice cubes. However, the total production capacity amounts to producing more than 100 T of top quality ice every day. With these numbers, we are the biggest in our market. Our capacity allows us to promptly address your inquiries and easily accommodate your ice requirements and the increasing consumer demand.


We operate in continuous production, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 365 days a year.